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Course Credit/RPL

Course Credit

Course Credit: is defined by the National Code 2007 as follows:

Exemption from enrolment in a particular part of the course as a result of previous study, experience or recognition of a competency currently held. This includes academic credit and recognition of prior learning.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/ Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC).

The acknowledgment of skills and knowledge that have been gained through training, work, or life experiences into formal competencies. The assessment of RPL is made from the evidence provided against the units of competency (elements and performance criteria) as described in the relevant endorsed Training Package. To support this type of application evidence of where and how the skills were obtained are required. i.e. A certificate where the codes do not match bit are of similar skills and knowledge would require an ability to assess the learning the outcomes against the learning outcomes of the current course.

Assessment of Course Credit/RPL Application in the Diploma Programs

Some subjects have exam but most of the assessment methods include practical test, group works, SA, personal portfolios, presentations, log books, written assessment and case studies. Each subject has minimum of 2-3 assessments. If you have studied the same or equivalent subject as those taught by ITA, you can apply for credit for those subjects. Applicants with qualification of Cert III through to Cert IV in IT, are eligible to enter directly into ICT50615 as they fulfil the pre-requisite criteria. Students apply for RPL either prior to commencement or once on campus.

To apply for recognition you must

  1. Submit a full application to UNI indicating that you want to apply for recognition for prior learning
  2. Students will be required to submit Academic and other relevant documents where necessary
  3. Self assessment will be necessary to be filled by the applicant and interview to follow by ITA
  4. As part of recognition assessment where students are unable to provide sufficient documents and evidence, recognition cannot be granted
  5. A process of appeal is available in cases of disputes or decisions or refunds granted.
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