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Welcome to Institute of Technology Australia ! Thank you for choosing ITA and congratulations on receiving an offer to study at ITA campus. Studying as an international student is full of challenges and excitement. We hope you enjoy your time at ITA and take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. The friends you create will prove to be of utmost importance to you and the skills that you will develop will help you with your future career goals.

Attending Orientation is the best way to get started at ITA. You will get lots of important information about your program of study; get to know your campus and the student services available to support your study, and get to know the other students you will be studying with. From the management and staff of ITA, we wish you all the success!

All newly arriving international students need to attend an orientation programs. A series of activities and programs will be conducted by ITA personnel that are designed to assist you to make effective and efficient transition to your studies in Adelaide Australia. At the orientation you will :

  1. Be introduced to course structure, study methodology, student integrity and ITA’s responsibilities assisted by academic and administrative staff
  2. Obtain your program information, booklist and timetable for a semester
  3. Create your student ID Card and online details
  4. Obtain information about your overseas students healthcover
  5. Be introduced to services and facilities at ITA
  6. Meet your academic and administrative staff
  7. Meet new friends before you commence your studies
  8. Purchase your text books
  9. Provide information on transportation and safety within the campus and Adelaide
  10. Inform students of counseling service and appeal & grievance process

Personal counseling
Studying in a new environment can be challenging. ITA provides counselling services to students who may need assistance. This will help provide an opportunity to better understand your situation and explore the possibilities for bringing about positive change.

Academic support and counselors
At ITA we understand that tertiary level of studies could be difficult adjustment for some. To assist students develop the necessary study skills, we offer a variety of study and learning support services, including:
• Counselling and advice to support individual learning requirements
• Self study and online resources for those who are in need of additional tuition
• Computer Support and library

Careers support
ITA recognizes that students are studying for a career, and actively work to bridge the gap between study and the workforce. As a vocational training provider our focus is to ensure students are job ready at the completion of their course. We guide and groom our students to prepare themselves for the industry and this may be in the form of :

• Resume
• Conducting an Interview
• Appearance and presentation

Industry Training

To brief students of code of conduct when on Industry Placement and ITA’s responsibility in placing students in a safe environment.

Bringing your family
If applicants intend to bring family members to Australia, they need to apply for Student Dependant Visas. Visit the website – or contact the nearest Australian Diplomatic Mission for more information. If applicants intend to bring school-aged dependant children, they are required to attend school and pay full fees in either government or nongovernment schools.

Library Facilities
Students have access to library, photocopying, printing and email services at the ITA. All students have online access to the Institute of Technology Australia online resources (moodle) and references (links).

Social Activities
Students will have the opportunity to experience a range of arts cultural and sporting activities facilitated by the ITA. Examples include watching Australian Rules Football, attending world music food and drama festivals and the ‘Great Australian Barbeque’.

Work Rights during studying
In Australia International students are limited to 20 hours per week of paid employment whilst the student’s program is in session and unlimited hours during scheduled program breaks. Dependents have unlimited work rights after the principal student visa holder has commenced his/her program in Australia. Student should check with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) in Australia for the latest requirements, as requirements could vary. Please visit for further information.

IT & Resources
ITA offers a modern study environment with fast and convenient IT access. Students have access to the Institute’s email, internet and student Moodle.

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