Institute of Technology Australia

Reasons Why

ITA is the first provider in Adelaide apart from the government to offer a specific designed course focusing in Website Development. This places ITA in a unique position as the college focused in a specific sector of the IT industry. Our philosophy based on commitment of excellence and quality education and training essential for graduates seeking employment in the highly competitive IT environment.


1. Students undertake “one program” ICT50615 Diploma of Website Development

2. Students have the opportunity to interact with Industry during their course over the 2 years.

3. The trainers and assessors are equipped with extensive local knowledge and experience.

4. The facilities are state of the art with IMACs (Apple) computer lab.

5. Located in Adelaide in the heart of CBD which is an ideal learning environment.

6. Upon completion of the Diploma program students will be able to enter the workforce or further their pathway education.

7. We measure our graduate success by Industry and community employing them.

8. Confirmed pathway options with Universities including Federation University and Swinburne University.

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