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Study Methods


A lecture is a formal session where a lecturer instructs a large group of students. They are designed to give students a good starting point on a specific area of knowledge and identify the most important areas of the course. Students are expected to listen carefully and take notes.

Student Study Commitment

To successfully pass your courses, you will need to allocated an appropriate time commitment to your study. In addition to the formal contact time required for each of your course (e.g lectures, practicals), you will need to allocate non-contact time. Non-contact time will be required for a rate of activities which may include but are not limited to assessment tasks, researching, revision, writing, consultation with staff and informal discussions with other students. Non-contact time may vary form course to course, as a guide, a full-time international student should expect to spend a total 20 hours per week on their studies during teaching period.


There is usually a mixture of assessment options. common form of assessment includes essays, assignments, participation in group discussions, projects, simulated tasks.

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